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Paving Blocks ( Paver Block ) / Fly Ash Bricks Making Machines

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Paving Blocks ( Paver Block ) / Fly Ash Bricks Making Machines and our setup is situated in Satara, Maharashtra, India.

Paving Blocks / Fly ash bricks Machines
Product Cavity Cycle Time Production
Bricks 9 x 4 x 4 2 7.5sec. 7500 / Shift
Colour Pavar 2 9.3 sec 6000 / Shift
Locking Block 2 14.4 sec 4000 / Shift
Uni Pavar 2 7.5 sec 7500 / Shift
Main Features :
  Fully Automatic, PLC controlled,
Hydraulic Machine
Motor SIMENS 10 Hp
Hydrolic Pressure 63 Ton
Vedol 68 Oil with 300 ltr.
Oil tank Yuken India ltd.
Make Control valves
Heavy Robust Metal Body for long life
No foundation required
Operating Fully Automatic and Manual operated
No Wooden pa'llets Required
Plant Machine
Requirements Required Moulds
Mixer 400 kg 7.5Hp (1 nos)
Conveyor - 6 meter with 3 Hp motor
Product strength M-40
Heavy duty fully automatic strong and robost machine with following specifications,

• Fully Automatic PLC Controlled Machine
• Hydraulic Pressure - 63 Tons
• All hydraulics UKENE makes and SIMENS motors.
• Single Person Operated

• Max. Strength achieved is M -40
• Fully Automatic, Manual of single cycle operations supported
• No wooden Paletes required
• Heavy Duty Rebost body
• No foundation required

• Very Easy to Operated
While designing our machine, we have consider following main aspects :
• Our machine consumes much lower power, as far as; all other machines in the market are compared.
• It is the most eco friendly machine. Most of the building garbage and waste products from Industries, are converted in to useable excellent building material
• All our machines are very easy to Operate every futic to the man power is consider. Workers enjoy to run our Machine
• Natural River Sand has become the most valuable, which affect s our Nature. Our interlocking concrete block does not require sand. Three storied lode bearing structure with slabs, can be constructed using this blocks.
• Falji bricks also can be produce in our machine
• Those machines can be shifted from one site to another very easily; it takes just 4-5 Hrs.
• Machine is the most energy efficient
• It is easy to handle & operate
• Maximum atomization is considered with minimum cost