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CLC Plants / Cellular Light Weight Concrete Block Making Machines

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of AAC Plants and our setup is situated in Satara, Maharashtra, India. Majorly we serve our products to customers from countries like India, South Africa, Nigeria, Dubai, Nepal, Oman, Somalia.

CLC Plant
Cutting Machine
CLC Plant
Cutting Machine
CLC Mixer
CLC Mould 1.5 CBM For Cutting Machine
CLC Mixer
CLC Mould 1.5 CBM For Cutting Machine
Foam Generator
CLC Block
Foam Generator
CLC Block
CLC Plants CLC Plants
CLC Plants  
Main Features :
• Fully Automatic feeding System
• Robotics Block cutting Machine
• Data Storage and Printing of each Batch
• Optional Auto Cleave (Steam Curing)
• Fully Auto Transfer System
• All Technical support for Production
Description Capacity / Annum
CLC Plant Capacity 25 cuM to 50 cuM (cubic meter) Per day
CLC Cellular light weight concrete
Foam Concrete is also Known as " Cellular light weight concrete", "CLC", "Foamed cement", "Light Weight Concrete" across the world with its greater advantages from 5 years.
The basic foam concrete is made from mixing aqueeous foam which is produced from generators (IFG) into Slurry of Cement, fly ash OR sand, water and other additives in a precise mixing in foam concrete mixer(IFM) for accurate mixing without disturbing its original chemical and physical properties.
Advantages :
• Light in Weight
• High Thermal Insulation
• High Fire Protection
• High Sound Insulation
• Lower Water Absorption
• Eco Friendly
• Economical
Applications :  
• Blocks
• Panels
• Ceiling Panels
• Pre-cast Exterior Walls
• Void Filling
• Roof Insulation
• Thermal Insulations
• Sound Insulation
• Floors
• Cast Insuit Applications
• Tank Infill
• Road Construction
• Subway Infill
• Tunnel Infill
• Mine Infill
• Water Proof Material
• Floors
• Low Cast Housing