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Auto Rubber Mould Paver Plants

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Auto Rubber Mould Paver Plants and our setup is situated in Satara, Maharashtra, India. Majorly we serve our products to customers from countries like India, South Africa, Nigeria, Dubai, Nepal, Oman, Somalia.


Many Constructions related products are Labor intensive. They require huge manpower. Many times it Costs up to 30-35% of the product cost. In Industrial products it is in the range of 5-8% of product cost. We are determined to improve this working cost as well as improving economy with less manpower less Space.

To achieve this we have developed on following fronts :
• Machinery
• Easy of operation
• Less fatigue to workers
• Enjoyable work atmosphere
• Less floor space
• Avoid duplication of material handling and make it easy.
• Minimize ideal time of Machine and workers

Batching plants
Fly Ash Brick Making Machines / Paver Block Making Machine
Paver Block Making Machine
This is heavy duty equipment made for storage of basic raw material. Sand aggregate, fly ash etc.
It is manufactured in following models.
• 4 bin x 10/5 Ton Cap.
• 3 bin x 10/5 Ton Cap.
• 2 bin x 10/5 Ton Cap.
Material is stored in bins and taken out as per designed batch. Its taken on conveyor below the bins in sequence and then feed to the mixer. All process is fully automatic.
It has Following Advantages :
• Ease of material loading to mixer. Normally it is done manually which require large manpower. Also there is no precision in quantity, when taken manually.
• Since every batch is same in weight, as designed, the quality of product is consistence.
• A lot of time is saved to take each batch, which will increase the production.
• It is also supported by cement screw conveyor with batching arrangement. Cement is stored in bottom hopper and it is used as per requirement in batches. It will control the exact dosing of cement. Which is the most costly item, As well as it governs the quality of product. Silo can also be installed to save on loading cost.
Concrete Mixers :
We supply two types of concrete mixers :
• Pan Type concrete mixer
• Planetary Type Concrete Mixer

These are designed to mix concrete very well at minimum water cement ratio. It has sturdy long lasting construction. It is supported with digital water meter. So that exact quantity of water is supplied to the concrete batch. Mixing arms are made of alloy steel. Those can be replaced easily. Hard cast lining is provided all around and at bottom. Those are very much power efficient.

Concrete feeding conveyors :

Higher the water cement ratio, higher the workability, lower the strength is the basic of concrete. It is but natural by all workers to use more water in concrete for ease of working.

We have resolved this problem with proper and easy concrete feeding machine. We can maintain the best suitable water cement ratio. The output is many times more than the manual filling. It has setting to take exact quantity of concrete as well as filling speed; filling quantity is settable as per requirements. Even ladies workers will give the same output as gents, since the working fatic is almost nil.

Liquid Color Mixer :

We have specially designed this for through mixing of First layer. Planetary type gear box is provided for the excellent concrete mix with less water cement ratio.

Since the mixer drum is not rotating we can fix auto dosing concrete conveyor to this mixer. This will increase the productivity as well as Quality of work. Easy to wash and clean for fast color change.

Mixer is provided with auto weighing and digital water dosing system. This will insure the quality consistency of the final product.

Vibrating Tables :

These are technically balanced for optimum even vibration all over. The speed of mould passing on table is also adjusted to its full capacity. There are made of heavy duty components for much longer life.

Since it has inbuilt foundation frame, no separate foundation is required on site. It has powerful, rigid vibrator fitted on spring steel.

De molder :  
This is the well designed compact equipment to remove concrete paver from rubber molds. It is the most laborious and critical operation in paver production. We have made it very easy. The other advantages are,

• A lot of saving in space, since you need not spread the pavers on ground for lacquering. Double operation of collecting the pavers is avoided.
• De molding manually is very difficult and laborious operation. All the labor fatic is removed, which will give a good production.
• It is very effective particularly in winter season.